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We translate cutting edge academic RF coil research into high-end tools for MR applications.
ALSIX develops RF coil products for specialized clinical and research applications.


As a spin-off company from the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering of the Medical University of Vienna at the Vienna General Hospital, we are close to the clinics - not only geographically, but also through our daily working routine. This enables us to understand the requirements of clinical practice and optimize our products for your target application.

Physics meets Clinics

Physics meets Clinics

With our academic background at the Medical University of Vienna, our R&D is as close as it gets to clinical demand.

Quality meets Usability

The outstanding data quality obtained with our RF coils is complemented by thoughtful industrial design.

The Icing on the Cake

Do not expect a standard RF coil from ALSIX. Our products always have that nifty feature!


The ALSIX portfolio reflects our 15+ years of experience in academic RF coil research and application-driven product design.

3 Tesla RF coils

With 3 T MRI scanners having become the clinical workhorse of advanced medical imaging over the past two decades, a large variety of RF coils is already commercially available. Yet, we have identified and are continuously developing new and specialized coils that push the limits and enable novel applications.

TMS-fMRI coil

Combine TMS and fMRI

This patented ultra-thin coil array can be mounted between the transcranial magnetic stimulation device and the subject's head. Get all the freedom in positioning and benefit from 5-fold sensitivity over the standard birdcage setup! To cover the whole brain, just add another coil!
Available for Siemens 3T platforms.

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Flexible high speed & resolution

23 small elements are densely packed in a coil the size of a sheet of paper - achieving outstanding SNR and parallel imaging performance. Its flexibility allows bending and makes the coil suitable for the head, elbow, arm, hand, thigh, knee, calf, ankle, or foot. A real all-rounder for speedy high resolution imaging!
Available for Siemens 3T platforms.

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FLEX23 coil
AC-PET coil

PET/MRI with attenuation correction

PET signal quantification is confounded by absorbing media in its field of view. To correct for the attenuation individually for each subject, his coil is equipped with a rotating transmission source orbiting around the head in a helical hose filled with heavy water. The 24 receive channels nicely cover head and neck.

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K9 coil

Awake dog fMRI

A dog entering the MR scanner voluntarily to hold still for a functional MR experiment sounds quite unbelievable, doesn't it? We thought so too - until we witnessed it with our own eyes! This is the world's first dedicated dog fMRI coil! With its close-fitting helmet with flexible eye coil elements and an adjustable chin rest our K9 (speak "canine") coil delivers superb images of the dog brain.
Available for Siemens 3T platforms.

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7 Tesla RF coils

High field for high performance.
7 Tesla MRI is particularly interesting for X-nuclear applications or where extraordinary spatial resolution is required.

X-CALF coil

Calf muscle energy metabolism

Gain unique insights in physiology and into the metabolism of skeletal muscle. We offer coils for carbon-13 with proton decoupling or for phosphorus-31. Each variant has 4 proton and 3 X-nucleus transceiver elements. X-CALF features an ergonomically shaped housing and optimized B1 phase shim. Combinations with other X-nuclei (2H, 23Na) are available upon request.
Available for Siemens 7T platforms.

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Rat Brain Imaging

Turn the knob on top and adjust the position of the 4-channel transceiver coil array to fit the size of your rat and obtain top quality high resolution images. The housing is designed to offer space for an anaesthesia nose cone.
Available for Siemens 7T platforms.

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4RA7T coil

Finger joint microimaging

Depict finger joints with finest detail at 100 to 200 µm isotropic resolution enabling diagnostics of the thin articular cartilage layers.
Available for Siemens 7T platforms.

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Custom RF coils

Many clinical applications and research questions can have very specific and complex requirements.
We listen, design and develop the right tool for your MR experiment.

YOUR coil

Tailored to your application

Field strength, nucleus, shape, size, compatibility or integration with other modalities, your favorite color and material - you name it! Meet us without any obligation in person or online for a discussion, we will take all the time it needs to deeply understand your requirements and develop the right coil for you!

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About us

ALSIX is a spin off from the Medical University of Vienna founded in 2020.

The company

Get to know us.

ALSIX logo

R&D and Technology Transfer

ALSIX GmbH was founded as a spin-off company from the Medical University of Vienna in 2020. In addition to our own R&D activities, ALSIX is the technology transfer vehicle for MR-related inventions of the Medical University of Vienna.
The three nested structures of our logo symbolize this pathway from concept to prototype to product.

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In the Heart of Vienna

Our research and manufacturing facilities are located next to the university campus in Alsergrund, the IXth district in the center of Vienna. The administrative office is located in Vienna's 15th district.

ALSIX locations and Medical University of Vienna on a map

Leadership Team

Our complementary expertise and more than a decade of RF coil design enable us to pursue our common vision of bringing academic developments to the patient.

Gerald Pressl

CEO & Founder

Human Resources

Christian Windischberger


Key Account & Sales
Legal & Finances
New Products

Elmar Laistler


New Products
Research & Development
Project Management

Jürgen Sieg


Testing & Documentation

Our partners

We believe that collaboration is a key factor for success. In addition to our extensive academic network and cooperations, we are engaged in mutually fruitful business partnerships.

Medical University of Vienna

Medical University of Vienna

Our close link to academic research on RF coils and advanced MRI applications is a driving factor for the innovation potential of ALSIX. We provide the link between cutting-edge research and implementation of new technologies on the market.
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Siemens Healthineers

We are authorized third party coil manufacturers for Siemens MR systems. In addition to legal requirements, our coils meet the design criteria for Siemens product coils, ensuring safety and compatibility to the MR scanner. Our coils are designed for a large variety of Siemens Magnetom scanner platforms.
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Siemens Healthineers

NVtec NeuroVascular Technologies

Our CE-certified FLEX23 coil is available for purchase from NVTec, specialized in the development of tools for neurosurgery, neuroradiology and medical imaging.
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NVtec NeuroVascular Technologies


Our CE-certified and patented TMS-fMRI coil is exclusively available for purchase from MagVenture, a world leader in MRI-compatible transcranial magnetic stimulation devices.
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ALSIX is a spin off from the Medical University of Vienna founded in 2020.

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